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SparkCharge Fleet Technician delivering Level 3 EV charging to a fleet of commercial electric vehicles
SparkCharge Fleet Technician delivering Level 3 EV charging to a fleet of commercial electric vehicles


SparkCharge Fleet is a mobile CaaS solution that delivers the charge to fleet vehicles when and where it is needed.

SparkCharge Fleet EV Charging

SparkCharge Fleet electric vehicle (EV) charging service was designed to remove the hurdles of EV charging.

Fleet manager, owners, and operators can gain access to EV charging in as little as 14 days with no upfront costs, construction, or installation.


We de-risk fleet electrification, allowing your business to stay focused on your operations.

Electrifying a fleet brings new complexities to fleet operations: procuring charging infrastructure, electricity costs, EV charging time, and much more. At SparkCharge, we offer SparkCharge Fleet to overcome these challenges to make managing all aspects of fleet charging simple.

SparkCharge Fleet allows partners to request EV charging in 3 different ways:


On a recurring Schedule


When State of Charge is Low

Working with SparkCharge Fleet

SparkCharge takes care of the guesswork that come with electrifying a fleet. Fleet operators and managers will have access to turnkey EV charging, charge management software (CMS), and vehicle state of charge (S.O.C.) while SparkCharge takes care of the daily EV charging operations.

SparkCharge's Roadie V3

Powered by Roadie V3 Technology

  • DC Fast Charger
  • Portable EV Charging
  • Grid-Free

The Roadie V3 is a mobile EV charging system that is able of outputting up to 100 kW to provide DC fast charging when and where it is needed.

We use the Roadie V3 to power our EV charging delivery service, SparkCharge Fleet. They are placed in our 100% electric delivery vans to deploy energy for businesses.

SparkCharge fleet frequently asked questions

Can you charge multiple vehicles at once or do you charge one car at a time?

SparkCharge Fleet is able to charge multiple cars at once.

How long does it take to charge a car?

SparkCharge Fleet utilizes our Roadie V3 technology which is a mobile Level 3 (DC fast charger) EV charger. The electric vehicle that your business uses will determine how fast it will be able to charge. Each electric vehicle has a different max kW that the vehicle is able to accept, which determines the charging speed.

How much does SparkCharge Fleet cost?

SparkCharge Fleet is a specialized EV charging service/program that is customized for your business' exact needs, so the pricing varies depending on what is needed.

How long does it take to get SparkCharge Fleet?

Unlike traditional fixed infrastructure, which can have lead times up to 2+ years, SparkCharge Fleet can be up and running in as little as 14 days depending on your location.