Our Story

Our Mission

Our goal is to make EV ownership easy by partnering with businesses to create the world’s first mobile and intelligent on-demand EV charging network.

"We are a family, focused on changing the world."

We have gathered at SparkCharge to form not just a company but a family. Our shared goal is to improve the world by accelerating EV adoption by eliminating range anxiety and the need for a hardwired infrastructure.


Creating disruptive cleantech like ours gets us in front of industry-leading organizations. We are proud to have won many of the most sought after awards and hope to help other companies find better ways to innovate.

What Are We Building?

We are building the first mobile, scalable, and intelligent EV charging network.

How Are We Building It?

We are making energy accessible by partnering with companies to create an EV charging network, thus democratizing energy around the world.

Why Are We Building It?

We want to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles on a global scale. Creating a cleaner, healthier, safer, and more sustainable world.

SparkCharge's Evolution

SparkCharge started in a dorm room and has grown into an industry-changing leader. Even though this rapid growth we have always kept our focus on making great experiences.


Our portable, modular, ultra-fast charger,  the Roadie, is unlike anything else in the industry. It evolved as we evolved.


Once The Roadie was ready for the market we had a huge demand from consumers for mobile charging access. So we created the world’s first and only mobile charging network. This smartphone app lets EV drivers order delivered right to their car! On the surface, it's like UberEats or GrubHub for hungry EVs, but beyond that it allows EV drivers to “cut the cord” and go beyond the lagging infrastructure needed to support their needs.

Creating the World's First Mobile Ultrafast Charging Network

The Roadie makes mobile charging possible and Currently makes mobile charging accessible. Together with our amazing partners we have created an ultrafast, mobile charging network eliminating the challenges of wired infrastructure.

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Christopher Ellis


Michael Cummings


JR Rapoza

VP Marketing

Hilary Ann Taylor

Director of Engineering