Navigating the ever-evolving landscape of electric vehicles (EV) and EV charging can be difficult. When adding EVs to your fleet, there are many factors to consider. Charging station placement, level, and costs are the three biggest factors for adding electric cars, but are also the biggest barriers.

Electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) can be difficult to get and lead times continue to increase. The longer the lead times are for vehicle charging equipment, the longer businesses will have to wait to use their vehicles. Your business needs to find charging solutions that are fast, cost-effective, and convenient to quickly adopt EVs into fleet operations.

What is a mobile charging station?

A mobile charging station is a mobile electric vehicle charger that can be easily transported. For example, the Roadie is a portable DC fast charger that enables businesses to bring the EV charge to vehicles. Portable charging units like the Roadie do not require any installation, construction, or permanent placement. Mobile EV chargers give centralized and decentralized fleets the ability to charge wherever the vehicle is parked, regardless of grid access.

What are the benefits of mobile charging stations?

Improved Productivity

Using a mobile EV charger saves you time that would otherwise be wasted moving cars to accommodate fixed charging stations. Your business also saves the time it would take to get permits, install, or do construction on your lot.

Immediately Deployable

With portable chargers like the Roadie by SparkCharge, there is no connection to the grid while charging. Meaning as soon as you have your EV charger you can start charging your fleet vehicles.

Fast Charging

SparkCharge mobile EV charging solutions are all grid-free DC fast chargers. DC fast charging is the fastest level of EV charging station available. It is typically optimal for fleets using electric vehicles for their daily operations. When choosing a charging station for your business you should understand the differences between the levels of EV charging.

Scalable EV Charging

One of the most difficult parts of adding electric vehicles to your fleet is planning. You need to plan for how many vehicles you have and your energy usage. Lead times being over 2 years in some areas are making it increasingly difficult to plan and scale electric fleets. Mobile charging makes scaling your EV fleet easy by not being tied to the grid.

Getting fixed infrastructure installed for your business can be a time-consuming and costly process that slows down electric vehicle adoption. Mobile EV charging stations solve the hurdles of EV adoption by bringing the charge to the car.

SparkCharge is dedicated to making EV adoption easy, seamless, and convenient. Their mobile EV charging stations give businesses the flexibility to charge centralized and decentralized fleets with ease. Whether you choose the Roadie or a charging-as-a-service program, their mobile EV chargers ensure your vehicles are ready to hit the road.

To learn more about SparkCharge's mobile and grid-free EV charging solutions, talk to a member of their team!