A Currently technician charging an electric fleet with the Roadie v3 CCS ev charger
A Currently technician charging an electric fleet with the Roadie v3 CCS ev charger

Charging As A Service

SparkCharge offers Charging As A Service as a mobile EV charging solution that takes the guesswork out of charging infrastructure — including site design, installation, ongoing operations, and maintenance — while guaranteeing 99.9% charge readiness.

Currently Service Van and Technician Charging a Tesla Model Y

A turnkey EV charging solution

Adding electric vehicles (EVs) to a fleet brings new challenges to operations: procuring charging infrastructure, electricity costs, charge time, and much more. At SparkCharge, we offer a suite of products and solutions that overcome these challenges to make managing all aspects of fleet charging simple.



99.9% guaranteed charge readiness

We provide a guaranteed 99.9% uptime for charging infrastructure,  ensuring your vehicles are ready when you need them. Monitor and manage your EV fleet from anywhere with our Currently Connect charging management software — the most powerful tool in your operations arsenal.

Predictable, lowest-cost energy

We bundle CapEx, OpEx, and energy costs into a custom rate, allowing fleet operators to forecast and manage costs long-term. We optimize your charging operations, prioritizing low cost energy, so you don’t have to navigate confusing electricity rates from your utility.

A Currently technician delivering an ev charge to a Kia EV6

Any vehicle, any charger

We integrate with your equipment and data systems. Our technology-agnostic approach ensures you have the flexibility to use programs and hardware that are best suited for you today and into the future.*