Portable.  Modular.  Fast.

Volvo Dealers Preferred EV Charging System

Package 1

Package 2

Package 3

Level 3 Charging

7 kWh

20-28 Miles of Range*

Level 3 Charging

10.5 kWh

30-42 Miles of Range*

Level 3 Charging

14 kWh

40-56 Miles of Range*

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Built Tough in the USA

Gas Free Operation

*Actual mileage delivered may vary depending on the vehicle and state of the battery.

The World's First and Only Ultrafast, Portable EV Charging System


Our portable charging system generates 15 miles of range in just 15 minutes. That's 8 times faster than standard wired charging stations.


Charge anywhere... no gas-guzzling trucks or special vehicles are required. Our chargers and batteries are small enough to fit in the trunk of any vehicle and can be carried by hand if required.


Our charging system is 100 % electric, no gas polluting generators to defeat the purpose of having an EV

Business Friendly

Expand your business, or start a new one. Flexible leasing and buying options, make starting your mobile EV charging business easy.


Tailor-made charging. Our batteries can stack on top of one another and work together to deliver the amount of range required.


Charge virtually any EV on the market. CHAdeMO,Tesla, CCS (Combo1, Combo2) - Coming soon.

The Roadie Vs. Other Charging Systems


Charge Speed

Installation Costs

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Volvo dealers can now charge EVs without sacrificing sales space. The Roadie does not require installation and is portable to give you and your team the flexibility you need without sacrificing charge speed.