The EV Expert Your Customers Need  

Grid-Free Charging Means Worry-Free Charging  

EVs are quickly filling the driveways of American homes. They will depend on your service to charge their vehicles. What happens when power is interrupted or evacuations are needed? How will you power those vehicles so they can safely getaway? 

Keeping your customers charged helps keep them safe. Utility companies will become energy companies and in many cases the sole provider of power for their customer's electric vehicles. With this growth comes the responsibility of ensuring your customers can depend on you in emergencies and power outages. The Roadie makes mobile charging easy, scalable, and safe. 


Become Essential to Your Customers

Charge Anywhere

The Roadie's small form factor and lightweight make it deployable virtually anywhere in any vehicle allowing you to be more flexible and respond faster.

No Connections Needed

The Roadie does not require a power connection to the grid so your team can be more effective and handle whatever challenges arise.

Fast Servicing

The Roadie charges an EV at a rate of 1 mile per minute. That's enough speed to give your customers the charge they need to get to the next vehicle safely and quickly.