Roadside Joins the EV Revolution

Equip your EV, or get passed by the competition

The EV market is growing faster than predicted. Can you afford not to be seen as a technological leader? Offering EV service won't be just an option for long. It will be a business necessity. Become the recognized EV market leader and get ahead of the competition.

Customers prefer a charge over a tow every time. When EV drivers need emergency roadside service they will choose a company that knows how to handle EVs. The Roadie makes it possible for you to provide what your customers need profitably and safely.


Deliver the Charge Safely & Easily

The Roadie is small enough to fit in virtually and vehicle. That means you don't have to dispatch costly tow trucks.

Every second your team is outside of their vehicle is dangerous. The Roadie charges vehicles fast to minimize your team's risks.

The Roadie is very easy to use. Just one button to start and stop the unit, letting you serve more customers with minimal training.