Assembled in the USA

Gas Free Operation


Charge anywhere! No additional equipment or installation is needed. Light enough to carry and can fit in the trunk of any car. Easily fits on all carts. Makes owning an EV convenient.


Batteries can be stacked for simultaneous use, allowing you to tailor the range you deliver. Use and pack only what you need.


Our portable charging system generates 15 miles of range in just 15 minutes. That's 8 times faster than standard wired charging stations.

Ergonomic Handles

We have dramatically improved the ergonomics of the battery and charger. The bracket handles have been replaced with easy-grip bars, reducing stress on the hands and makes carrying easier.


Standard unit features a 10 ft charging cable. Optional 25 ft. cable also available. Accounts for different roadside charging needs.

Internet of Things

This allows owners to have access to location, state of charge, and other useful data about their charging system to help make better informed decisions.

Easy Recharge

Battery units’ recharge in as little as 4 hours from any traditional power outlet. Does not require any major electrical work like a typical charging station.


1 Mile per Minute Charging!


  • 14x faster than Level 1

  • 6x faster than Level 2


Faster than the typical home charging systems and most public charging stations.


Eases range anxiety on long road trips where public charging stations are not accessible.


Each unit is crafted of powder-coated metal and

designed to withstand constant use and travel.

Just for You.

Package 1

Level 3 Charging

7 kWh

20-28 Miles of Range*

Just for You.

Package 2

Level 3 Charging

10.5 kWh

30-42 Miles of Range*

Just for You.

Package 3

Level 3 Charging

14 kWh

40-56 Miles of Range*




Output Voltage


3.7 kWh

Total Energy



Max Output Power


3.5 kWh

Usable Energy


51 lb


73 lb


CCS Compatible 

The Roadie CCS makes mobile charging possible for almost all electric vehicles. Now Bolt, Mach E, and other EV drivers can now receive mobile charging and skip the lines at EV charging stations. Also available in CHAdeMO.

How the Roadie Measures Up

The World's First and Only Ultrafast, Portable EV Charging System