• Joshua Rapoza

Watts New - February 5, 2021

Gasoline is Becoming Worthless

Traditional internal combustion engines—the mainstay of automobiles for more than a century—are destined to become money-losers as early as 2030.

Ford President Kumar Galhotra Sees 'Opportunity' in Biden's Federal Fleet Electrification Plan

Ford investing $11.5 billion to electrify its lineup

Automakers are going green to save money, not just the planet

Virtually all of the world's major automakers are shifting to an all-electric future

Tesla Model 3 captures 72% of 2020 deliveries, dominates global EV market

Since 2017 the Model 3 has been Tesla’s most popular vehicle

What’s New With Electric Vehicles for 2021?

EVs are moving from novelty status to mainstream in the 2021 model year as more manufacturers jump into that territory.

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