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Watts New - EV News May 21, 2021

SparkCharge’s Top 5 EV and CleanTech headlines from the week:

Ford F-150 Lightning EV May Be Cheapest Full-Size Truck To Buy

Our collective jaws dropped when Ford announced the F-150 Lightning would start at $39,974 before federal and state incentives are factored in.

Biden Administration May Push For More Direct Consumer EV Rebates

Biden appears ready to pursue even more direct consumer EV rebates to speed up sales and EV adoption in the U.S.

Lexus Promises Its First Battery-Electric Vehicle by 2022

This new Lexus EV will be a brand-new model, as opposed to an electric version of an RX or LS.

Kia’s First Dedicated EV, the 2022 EV6, Launches in Times Square

The EV6 also marks the US launch of Kia’s Plan S strategy to roll out 11 new electric models in the next five years.

People Are Willing To Buy An EV If Gas Prices Rise

If gas peaks to an average of around $4 per gallon, people start to really pay attention.

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