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Watts New - EV News March 5, 2021

SparkCharge’s Top 5 EV and CleanTech headlines from the week:

Is EV charging the next gig for the gig economy? SparkCharge thinks so

Partners that now include AllState and the Durham, North Carolina vehicle services

startup, Spiffy.

Biden cabinet members meet with EV infrastructure CEOs

The meeting is the latest step in the administration’s push to make the United States a

global leader in electric vehicles.

Cheapest New-car lease is all-electric: Chevy Bolt EV lease deals as low as $107 per month

The latest Bolt EV deal attempts to keep the 2021 model moving, as the 2022 Bolt EV

and Bolt EUV arrive this summer with a price cut.

EVs use less raw material than gasoline vehicles

Electric cars use much less raw material than internal-combustion vehicles, according to

a new study.

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