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Watts New - EV News March 19, 2021

SparkCharge’s Top 5 EV and CleanTech headlines from the week:

Lucid Motors sees a second life for its EV batteries in energy storage

The company, which is already experimenting with energy storage systems for commercial and residential customers

Chuck Shumer Wants To Replace Every Gas Car in America with an Electric Vehicle

Schumer said he plans to include his ambitious proposal to get every American to swap their gas-guzzling car for an electric one

Ford Asks Congress for Tax Incentives to Support Electric Vehicle Development

Leaders at Ford Motor Co. urged Congress Tuesday to increase tax incentives and other federal funding for electric vehicle technology.

Nissan Leaf batteries are being re-purposed for use in factory robots

In Nissan car factories around the globe workers are aided by robotic automated guided vehicles, or AGVs

This Company Has A Simple Design For Converting Pickup Trucks Into EVs

The drivetrain aims to drop into current body-on-frame trucks replacing the internal combustion drivetrain, and leaving behind a fully capable EV truck

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