• Joshua Rapoza

Watts New - EV News February 26, 2021

Tech startup SparkCharge to roll out an on-demand EV charging service

SparkCharge, the creator of the portable electric vehicle charging system the Roadie, is partnering with Allstate Roadside, Spiffy, HONK Technologies, and Mark Cuban to launch BoostEV

High-profile SPAC craters after announcing plan to merge with electric car company Lucid

The Lucid Air sedan, which is expected to go into production next year at a plant being constructed in Arizona.

Foxconn will build a new electric vehicle for Fisker

The two companies say Foxconn will build Fisker Inc.’s second vehicle, which has yet to be announced and is due out in late 2023.

Biden Is About To Send The Electric Vehicle Revolution Into Overdrive

Biden signaled a major shift, stating he plans to replace the entire government vehicle fleet with electric vehicles.

Here Are All the Promises Automakers Have Made about Electric Cars

Companies are increasingly setting big, public targets for electric-vehicle adoption. Here's a timeline of who's doing what, and how soon.

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