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Watts New - EV News April 9, 2021

SparkCharge’s Top EV and CleanTech headlines from the week:

The Best (and Worst) US States for EV Charging

A breakdown of some of the best states for EV charging along with some of the… less than best

How to Ensure Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Is Accessible to Everyone

A wholesale look at how utilities are preparing to make sure that low- and medium-income households and communities of color can come along for the ride as electrification comes about

Chevrolet Silverado Electric Pickup Truck Confirmed: 400-Plus Miles Of Range

The announcement that the Silverado will have an electric version built at Factory Zero, side by side with the Hummer EV

Hyundai Powers EV Race With Car That Can Cook Dinner

Hyundai in the next few months is set to start sales of the Ioniq 5, its first EV built on a dedicated platform called the Electric-Global Modular Platform

US Electric Car Incentive is Rumored to Increase to $10,000 in Program Reform

The electric car tax credit could increase to $10,000

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