• Joshua Rapoza

Watt's New EV News - February 19, 2021

Santa Monica Rolls Out Nation's First Zero-Emissions Delivery Zone

Think robots delivering sandwiches, electric bicycles carting small packages, and plug-in three-wheelers dropping off pizzas

Plus Power Breaks Open Market for Massive Batteries in New England

Plus Power now needs to build the plants: a 150-megawatt/300-megawatt-hour system near a cranberry bog south of Boston, Massachusetts, and a 175-megawatt/350-megawatt-hour battery in Gorham, Maine.

GM unveils a refreshed Chevy Bolt EV and its bigger, yet compact crossover sibling

The EUV — a GM acronym that means electric utility vehicle — also has the notable distinction of being the first Chevrolet to have the hands-free driver assistance system known as Super Cruise.

Hyundai Reveals the Ioniq 5 EV on February 23

The new EV is the first car launched under Hyundai’s Ioniq brand, and we know of two more coming.

Ford invests $1 billion in building electric vehicle factory in Germany

The automaker now aims to have all-electric and plug-in hybrid options throughout its entire lineup by mid-2026 and sell only all-electric passenger vehicles in Europe by 2030.

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