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Question to our Followers: Tell Us About the First Time You Drove an EV

The thrill of driving an EV, we have felt that excitement here at SparkCharge! This week wanted to know what our fellow EV driver followers thought the first time they got behind the wheel of an EV.

We heard from a Tesla Model S owner that the first time they took the wheel they wondered where this vehicle had been their whole life! We also heard that it was really mind-blowing by how smooth the vehicle coasted down the road while having no sound of an engine running.

We had a follower describe their experience at a test drive of the EV1 in 2008 saying how amazing it was to see the vehicle in action. Another fan mention that the EV1 felt like a rocket!

The EV driving experience is unlike any gas motor vehicle. At SparkCharge we highly recommend all of our followers test drive an EV and see the excitement for themselves if they do not already own one!

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