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Question of the Week: What Surprised You Most About Driving An EV?

This week we wanted to know more about our followers expectations versus the reality of driving and owning an EV. We asked and received the following results from social media:

  • the sound or lack thereof

  • the cold weather affecting the rate of charging and range

  • the awesome EV torque power

  • charging your vehicle at home when conventionally you take your vehicle somewhere for a fill-up

Driving an EV is a new experience and we enjoying hearing about the joys and woes of EV ownership to better understand our audience. We are very excited about EV adoption and we want to inform potential and interested EV owners more about the experience.

SparkCharge has created charging as a service (CaaS) with the use of our mobile app BoostEV to bring the charge to you. BoostEV can be found in the app store.

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