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Question of the Week: What Do You Do While Charging Your EV?

We asked our followers this week what they do to pass the time when they are charging their EV. We received a number of responses and below are the answers of EV owners:

  • Stopping a road trip for lunch

  • Take some time to online shop in your vehicle

  • Continue with their day with a local charger

  • Enjoy the infotainment system in their vehicle

  • Catch up on a YouTube channel

Many responses included charging overnight while asleep and staying home and watching Netflix while their vehicle was plugged in at their homes. What if more EV owners could recharge at home or at work instead of making a stop?

BoostEV makes it possible to do whatever you need from anywhere by bringing EV drivers a mobile charger to their EVs. By downloading BoostEV, you can select your location, select a BoostEV provider, and finally the date and time of your next recharge. BoostEV eliminates the need to make frequent trips to public chargers and allows you to spend more time doing what you like. Take more of your time back with the help of BoostEV for EV owners.

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