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Question of the Week: Tell Us About a Time You Were Worried About Range

Our question this week is related to that feeling of range anxiety when traveling to a new place. You have this amazing new EV and you are looking for those far away and often broken public chargers. We asked this week, was there any particular time you were worried about your range? Our followers sent us these instances:

"Yes, I was traveling along I-70 and Hays fast charging was out of commission... had to use level 2 charger across street till 80%. Arrived in Salina with 5% and thought about you..."

"Driving to Joplin MO and back when the destination area has zero DCFC. 175 mile round trip on a cold weather day. It was fine, but I arrived home with less than 20 miles of range left."

"I made a trip from Utica, NY to Buffalo, NY with my Nissan leaf. A four hour i.c.e. trip took 2 full days."

With the future becoming more mobile, our EV recharging delivery will provide a solution for those who experience range anxiety. SparkCharge's ultra-fast charging mobile technology allows drivers to select a range amount to be delivered. You do not even have to be with your vehicle to order range when you're feeling like you need need a charge up.

Never worry about your EVs range again!

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