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Question of the Week: If you could change one thing about EV ownership, what would it be?

As EV owners and enthusiasts, we are curious about how your ownership experience has been with your current EV. What manufacturer did you go with and is there a reason based on what kind of ownership experience you would have?

Some of the answers to what changes you would make to EV ownership we received when we asked our followers mentioned:

  • Wireless charging available

  • Faster charging

  • More accessible public level 2 charging

  • Solar panel at the corner of main roadways to sustain renewable energy

We polled our Twitter followers on what was one thing they would change about EV ownership:

Options of EVs 0%

Cost 67%

Charging 33%

No Changes, I'm Happy 0%

At SparkCharge, we are hoping to ease some of these ownership woes with our Level-3 mobile EV charging unit, the Roadie. Our next step is to grow our mobile recharging network BoostEV with more cities to bring peace of mind to EV owners. Stay tuned for more growth and information!

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