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Watts New - January 15, 2021

We sort through all the EV news of the week and deliver you some of the most important pieces.

Celestiq Will Be Cadillac’s EV Flagship with Four-Wheel Steering, Smart Glass Roof – Four seats, wall-to-wall screens, and a 300-plus-mile range.

2021 Sustainable Fleets Report Looks to Add More Insight on Clean Tech For a cleaner future, sustainability reports are adding in fleet management to see how they are looking to adopt new energy technologies.

It’s a Big Year for ‘Clean Tech’ at CES – Pandemic-inspired sanitizing technology is everywhere. Even if the science behind the gadgets is sound, it’s smart to be skeptical.

2021 Energy Predictions: U.S. Clean Energy Standard, Tripling Energy Storage, State Shift From Gas, Electricity Transition, Billions In Climate Investment – Clean energy is on the rise after a year of keeping millions of people at home in the US.

Tesla Files to Use New ‘Millimeter-Wave Radar’ in Electric Cars – Tesla is looking further into testing a new radar for future models.

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