Currently Service Van Charging a Tesla Model 3


SparkCharge provides utilities the most resilient and grid-free solution to support your operations and EV drivers you service.

All our solutions unlock ultrafast charging without requiring grid upgrades or placing additional strain on the grid.

Keep your customers charged


The Roadie Hybrid

Resilient seamless energy.

We will deliver high power output to vehicles while dramatically lowering the energy costs of charging, significantly benefitting site hosts, grid operators, and ratepayers alike.

The V3 Hybrid requires zero drid input while at the same time multiplying your power output without Interfering with existing infrastructure.

A Currently technician charging an electric fleet

Energy As A Service (EAAS)

Our Currently network actively monitors you and your customers fleet to ensure zero downtime. Regardless of if it is planned or an emergency, we have the charging solution for you and your customers.

You can now deploy ultrafast EV charging anytime anywhere, enabling charging services for your fleet and your customers.

Electric fleet charging with Currently

Trusted by the best utility & energy companies in the world

Strong end-to-end customer experience from program design to EV charging deployment

Mobile charging software is built service you and your communities

Wide selection of validated hardware to find the best-fit solution for your project

Advanced payment security and anti-fraud systems to ensure customer confidence

Convenient online charging management tools and data reporting

Trusted brand with a strong financial backing

Ability to scale the network to meet increasing EV charging demand

Continued investment in innovative EV charging solutions

Robust Data Privacy policies

Comprehensive operations & maintenance services

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