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commercial ev charging

Sparkcharge for your business

SparkCharge created a mobile charging network, for businesses looking to add electric vehicles (EVs) without fixed infrastructure.


Customize Your EV Charging Solution

Customizable services

SparkCharge allows businesses to remove the burden of high capital investment with specialized programs combining site design, energy deployment, software and service to make EV fleet operations seamless. 

SparkCharge helps EV fleets scale

Scalable Infrastructure

Built to scale to meet a company’s EV charging needs. Designed to service all EVs and give businesses freedom of where to place vehicle assets. SparkCharge's services give busineeses the flexibility to keep up with a rapidly growing industry.

SparkCharge is a turnkey EV charging solution

turnkey ev solution

Portable, turnkey EV charging solutions that can be up and running in as few as 14 days in some markets, compared to the lengthy lead times for fixed infrastructure. We eliminate large upfront costs so businesses can save and see a faster ROI.


SParkcharge FLEET

SparkCharge Fleet is a mobile CaaS solution that enables fleets to keep their vehicles charged without the limitations of traditional charging stations. It was designed to help alleviate the burdens of fixted infrastructure for commercial fleets.

Sparkcharge OUT OF CHARGE

Out of Charge (OOC) is a commercial EV charging service that allows EV owners/operators to request on-demand EV charging when a vehicles is low/out of range. OOC is meant to help support the lack of charging infrastructure.