Your Roadside customers prefer a charge over a tow every time. When EV drivers need emergency roadside service they will choose a company that knows how to handle EVs.

The Roadie makes it possible for you to provide what your customers need profitably and safely.

Deliver the Charge Safely & Easily


Electric Vehicle Fleet being charged by a Currently technician

Built for any job

The Roadie architecture is flexible enough to fit in almost any vehicle big or small. That means you don't have to dispatch costly tow trucks.

Roadie Portable charging the Porsche Taycan

Easy to use, easy to deploy

The Roadie is very easy to use. Just one button to start and stop the unit, letting you serve more customers with minimal training.

Currently technician charging a blue Kia EV6

join our "out of charge" service

The EV market is growing faster than predicted. Utilize our mobile charging network, Currently, and allow us to service and charge your customers for you.

Charge Port open and charging an orange Ford Mustang Mach-E

Trusted by the best roadside providers and agencies in the world

- We have global experience working with leading providers and agencies

- intelligent state of the art dispatch system

- Trusted brand with strong financial backing

- Ability to scale network growth to meet increasing EV charging demand

- Advanced payment security and anti-fraud systems to ensure customer confidence

- Robust Data Privacy policies to protect your business

- Wide selection of Solutions-validated hardware & software to find the best-fit solution for your project

- Continued investment in innovative solutions tried and tested in our R&D facilities

Products we recommend for our roadside partners