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Roadside Electric Car Charging

Customers prefer a charge over a tow every time. When electric vehicle (EV) drivers need emergency roadside service they will choose a company that knows how to handle EVs.

Our mobile EV chargers make it possible for your business to provide roadside assistance services safely and profitably.


Mobile Charging Solution

Roadie chargers and batteries are small enough to fit in almost any vehicle; meaning you don't have to dispatch costly tow trucks.


The Roadie was designed to be simple for users to operate. Just one button to start and stop the unit, leaving less room for user error.


The EV market is growing faster than predicted. Stay ahead of competitors by offering roadside assistance EV charging.

Roadie portable : roadside electric car charger

The Roadie Portable is designed to help you provide electric vehicle customers with approximately 30 miles of range in 30 minutes so they can get to the nearest charging station. EV owners can have reduced range anxiety knowing that these portable EV chargers can reach their stranded EV anywhere.

Partnering with leading roadside companies

SparkCharge created the world's first mobile DC fast charger with the idea of being able to charge electric vehicles anywhere. As the EV industry expands, EV owners will look for roadside and towing providers that know the proper way to service their vehicles.

Roadside electric car charging frequently asked questions

Can an electric car be charged on the road?

The Roadie Portable makes it possible for roadside and towing companies to deliver EV charging on the side of the road if a vehicle runs out of charge.

What to do if your EV runs out of power?

Typically this would mean the EV driver would need to call a flatbed tow truck to tow the EV to a charging station. However if your roadside assistance company has purchased a Roadie Portable from SparkCharge, then your roadside assistance company can use the Roadie Portable to charge the vehicle enough to drive it to the nearest charging station.

Is there a portable charging device for electric cars?

SparkCharge created the world's first portable electric vehicle charger. It is available for purchase by registered businesses or through our consumer service, the SparkCharge Mobile app where you can order EV charge deliveries from your smartphone.

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