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The Roadie V3 mobile DC fast charger user interface
Mobile electric vehicle fast charger


The Roadie V3 powers all of our charging-as-a-service solutions. This means you’re able to charge your vehicles in any location without any trenching, digging, or disconnecting from the grid.

Portable DC fast EV charger by SparkCharge


✓ DC Fast Charger

✓ Portable EV Charging

✓ Grid-Free

The Roadie V3 is a mobile EV charging system that opens up endless possibilities for mobile electric vehicle charging. The Roadie V3 consists of one battery and one charger. These two components are connected to provide DC fast charging wherever it’s necessary.

At SparkCharge, the Roadie V3 is utilized to power our own mobile EV charging services; SparkCharge Fleet, SparkCharge OOC, and the SparkCharge Mobile app. These mobile EV charging stations are placed in our all electric delivery vehicles that are deployed to service both businesses and consumers.


The Roadie V3 EV charger is capable of outputting up to 100 kW. The batteries carry up to 70 kWh of energy. This delivers as much range as possible.

SparkCharge is able to quickly and efficiently service vehicles without the hurdles of traditional infrastructure. The Roadie V3 is a turnkey EV charging solution that gives businesses a more convenient option and better ROI on their EV charging solutions.

Portable Level 3 EV charger loaded into SparkCharge Fleet service van


Can I purchase the Roadie V3 for my business or personal use?

The Roadie V3 is an EV charging system that is only available through SparkCharge's mobile charging services. However, if you would like to purchase a mobile electric vehicle charger for your business, check out our Roadie Portable.

How fast can the Roadie V3 charge my electric car?

The Roadie V3 is a DC fast charger that can output up to 100kW. The amount of miles delivered varies depending on what your electric vehicle is capable of accepting.

What vehicles is the Roadie V3 compatible with?

The Roadie V3 is compatible with nearly all electric vehicles on the market. Including Teslas with the correct adapters.

How is the mobile electric vehicle charger used for SparkCharge services?

The Roadie V3 is loaded into our all-electric delivery vans which we use to deliver the EV charge to the electric vehicle.

How is the Roadie V3 different from Roadie Portable?

The Roadie Portable is a smaller grid-free modular mobile ev charger that delivers up to 75 miles of range. It's designed to be used by roadside and towing companies, OEMs, car dealerships, and events to deliver quick small charges to prevent electric vehicles from running out of charge. The V3 is designed to be able to fully charge your vehicle.