Currently technician charging a red Tesla Model Y roadside


At SparkCharge we make it convenient for EV drivers to charge and shop at retail locations of all sizes - convenience, grocery stores, and shopping malls – while allowing retail owners to realize the benefits of EV charging. We help bolster your brand and attract new customers by deploying innovative EV charging solutions on your property.

Properties work with SparkCharge to deploy EV charging solutions that attract customers and visitors, increase property values, and establish your brand as a sustainability leader — all while demonstrating your commitment to the community.

Keep your customers moving


the Hybrid charging an electric Hyundai

Start generating revenue from day one

With our solutions you can generate additional retail sales revenue from customers that spend more time in stores while having their vehicles charged. Offering EV charging to consumers increases time spent in store by at least 30 minutes, resulting in increased basket size.

You can  also gain additional revenue from fees for charging station use at your retail locations. Charging attracts new and returning EV drivers.

Currently technician charging a blue Kia EV6

Increase customer loyalty and dwell time per location

Grow your customer base by showing a commitment to sustainability and decreasing transportation emissions. Seamless and fast EV charging at your retail site helps retain employees that drive electric vehicles and shows your commitment to advancing sustainability goals and reducing transportation related greenhouse gas emissions.

We allow you to provide reliable grid free EV charging solutions to your customers without costly infrastructure updates with our energy management solutions allowing you to efficiently manage peak load at every charger

Roadie Hybrid charging a Porsche Taycan

Affordable infrastructure with faster deployment

SparkCharge has serviced close to a million miles of EV charging across the US, meaning we understand what it takes to deliver turnkey solutions to our retail customers on an unmatched scale.

With SparkCharge, reserve capital for infrastructure investments core to your business while scaling your EV infrastructure with our flexible subscription-based Charging as a Service offering.

SparkCharge technician connecting the v3 battery and charger

Trusted by the best retail companies in the world

End-to-end customer support from program design to EV charging deployment and maintenance

An easy, online platform to manage your charging stations and report data across different locations

Trusted brand with strong financial backing

Ability to deliver EV infrastructure at scale, considering the full capital and operating costs of a project and all possible integrations, such as DERs

Wide selection of compliant Solutions-validated hardware to find the best-fit solution for your project

Extensive operations & maintenance services and 24/7 support

Advanced payment security and anti-fraud systems to ensure customer confidence

Ability to scale the network to meet increasing EV charging demand

Products we recommend for our retail partners