Workplace & Residential

SparkCharge makes it easy to provide affordable, reliable, and accessible charging for your employees. Workplaces need EV charging to satisfy the growing population of EV drivers, including workers, and visitors.

Residential charging can be simple and can be done without electrical infrastructure upgrades and extensive permitting. We allow our residential partners to acces immediate charging deployment to meet growing EV charging demand.

Keep your vehicles charged


Increase EV owner satisfaction

We work with businesses of all sizes to implement workplace charging programs that fit your company’s needs. We can help you attract and retain employees that drive EVs to demonstrate corporate environmental leadership and innovation.

Increase worker loyalty and satisfaction. Meet emerging state and city regulations. 

Scalable hassle free EV charging

Our product brings power to EVs without the hassle of residents moving EVs to stationary charging stations. SparkCHarge creates a better charging experience for businesses and employees.

Start charging progrmas in hours rather than weeks.

The Hybrid in a parking garage charging an electric Hyundai

Fast, Affordable, Seamless infrastructure

Deploy energy without additional electrical infrastructure or permitting. V3 Hybrid can be easily relocated, while currently can charge EVs from any spot at any time, thanks to its mobile charging platform.

Save time, reduce infrastructure costs and operating expenses with demand-charge-elimination technology.

The Hybrid Charging an electric BMW

Trusted by the best Workplace & Residential companies in the world

- We have global experience working with properties

- Affordable infastructure deployment

- Fast deploy time

- Comprehensive operations & maintenance services through SparkCharge and extensive 24/7 driver support

- Ability to scale network growth to meet increasing EV charging demand

- Advanced payment security and anti-fraud systems to ensure customer confidence

- Wide selection of Solutions-validated hardware to find the best-fit solution for your project

Products we recommend for our Workplace & Residential partners