Group of Men Discussing Government Fleet Charging Options


At SparkCharge we are committed to helping communities of all sizes and governments at every level service their growing number of electric vehicles.

We offer resilient EV charging infrastructure accompanied by policy guidance, stakeholder engagement, and industry expertise.

resilient power, always available


SparkCharge Technician Stacking the Roadie Portable Batteries

Frictionless electrification

In order for electric vehicle adoption to grow drivers need to access charging stations throughout the cities and towns where they live and work.

Our Grid free solutions help municipalities deliver seamless and frictionless electrification.

Roadie Hybrid in a parking garage

Adoption At Scale

At SparkCharge we can tailor Solutions developed specifically for cities’ needs.

We offer the world's first mobile on-demand EV charging network solution to meet cities’ needs while offering a seamless charging experience for drivers in your region.

Connection Port between the Roadie v3 battery and charger

Tailored Solutions

We provide cities with everything from best practices to complete grid-free EV charging solutions so you can develop strategies that connect your communities.

We enable EV adoption at scale across urban transportation modes, including municipal fleets, trucks, and passenger vehicles while anticipating cities’ future development needs and ensuring grid reliability and stability.

Up close shot of the display screen on the Roadie v3

Trusted by cities and governments

- Ability to deliver EV infrastructure at scale, considering the full capital and operating costs of a project and all possible integrations, such as distributed energy

- Ability to scale public and municipal fleet EV charging through our solutions

- Advanced payment security and anti-fraud systems to ensure customer confidence Robust Data Privacy policies

- Solutions-validated hardware to find the best-fit solution for your project

- Convenient online charging management tools and data reporting

- Robust Data Privacy policies to protect your business

- Wide selection of Solutions-validated hardware to find the best-fit solution for your project

- Continued investment in innovative solutions tried and tested in our R&D facilities

Products we recommend for our goverment partners