Currently technician charging an electric fleet


We make charging your fleet easy and seamless. Fleets no longer need the high cost and long timeline of charger installations on-site. We offer affordable and scalable energy, that can be deployed across your entire fleet. Our products allow you to manage and predict operational cost and performance.

We also offer our fleet customers Currently Concierge, a fleet management solution that enables frictionless, worry-free fleet charging. No matter how big or small, we have the right solution for your fleet!

Charge without limitations


Electric fleet charging with Currently

zero down time

The Roadie is a completely infrastructure-independent, configurable, and mobile charging solution for fleets enabling our partners to be flexible and responsive to the challenges ahead without the burden of installing costly, intrusive, and inflexible charging stations.

A Currently technician charging an electric fleet

Save Your Fleet Time, Space, & Money

We de-risk fleet electrification, allowing you to stay focused on your business of mobilizing people, goods, or services.

We optimize your charging operations, prioritizing low cost energy, so you don’t have to navigate confusing electricity rates from your utility.

A Roadie Portable charging a Gray Ford Mustang Mach-E

Guaranteed performance

SparkCharge Charging-as-a-Service removes the burden of high capital investment and stakeholder engagement with specialized serviced designed to service your fleet.

We combine site design, energy deployment, software, and service to make your EV fleet operations seamless.

Roadie v3 charging a Porsche Taycan

Trusted by the best fleet companies in the world

- We have global experience servicing fleets big and small

- Comprehensive operations & maintenance services through SparkCharge and extensive 24/7 driver support

- Any vehicle, any charger

- Ability to scale network growth to meet increasing EV charging demand

- Predictable, lowest-cost energy

- Robust Data Privacy policies to protect your business

- Wide selection of Solutions-validated hardware to find the best-fit solution for your project

- 99.9% guaranteed charge readiness

Products we recommend for our fleet partners