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Chevrolet Bolt electric fleet being charged by SparkCharge Fleet

Electric vehicle fleet EV charging solution

Electric fleets are rapidly growing as more and more companies and organizations recognize the benefits of switching to electric vehicles (EVs). EVs offer a number of advantages including lower operating costs, reduced environmental impact, and less maintenance.

SparkCharge has created EV charging solutions for electric fleets for seamless, fast, and cost effective EV charging.

what is mobile fleet charging?

We make charging your fleet easy and seamless. Fleets no longer need the high cost and long lead times of fixed infrastructure. SparkCharge offers affordable and scalable energy, that can be deployed across your entire business. Our products allow you to manage and predict operational costs and performance.

We service a wide variety of fleets from car rental services, ride-share, utility, government, and many more! If you're looking to add electric vehicles to your fleet, SparkCharge is here to help you find the right EV charging solution.

SparkCharge Fleet van arriving to charge an electric vehicle (EV) fleet



SparkCharge guarantees 99.9% charge readiness

NO down time

With SparkCharge's mobile Charging as a Service fleet offerings, we guarentee 99.9% uptime. We make sure your fleet's electric vehicles are charged and ready to go when you need them.

SparkCharge Mobile EV Charging Solutions Have No Installation Time or Costs

No installation

Save your fleet time, money, and construction with our mobile EV chargers and services. SparkCharge is a turnkey EV solution that gives your fleet the flexibility it needs to operate efficiently.

SparkCharge creates a specialized plan for your business to manage costs

no unpredictable costs

We understand that planning for your fleet is important. Which is why SparkCharge bundled CapEx, OpEx, and Energy costs into one custom monthly rate.

SparkCharge electric delivery van delivering EV charging to an electric fleet of Kia Niro EVs

The Top choice for Ev fleets

SparkCharge has global experience servicing fleets of all sizes and a wide variety of vehicles

Our network is built to scale to meet the growing demand of EV charging solutions

Our wide selection of solutions ensure your business finds the best-fit solution for your project