Fleet of electric Chevrolet Bolts using SparkCharge's Currently Service

Automotive & OEM

SparkCharge helps automakers take advantage of new market opportunities. Easy seemless EV charging services for auto original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

From operating EV charging stations to fully supporting Mobile concierge charging to your customers, SparkCharge has the technology, tools and services auto OEMs need to expand their businesses by offering new services to EV drivers.

Keep your customers moving


The Hybrid in a parking garage charging an electric Hyundai

Charging solutions for your customers & your dealerships

Demonstrate charging at your dealerships by having mobile and fixed charging stations deliverd at your dealership centers to ensure your EVs are charged and to provide a full demonstration of the electric vehicle and EV charging experience.

We work with auto OEMs to offer your EV customers a comprehensive solution that includes both fixed and mobile EV charging.

Green Currently Van charging a Tesla Model X

Offer a quick and convenient charging experience to your EV owners

We offer charging solutions for automakers that make selling EVs easier by enabling your EV customers (including fleet customers) to charge wherever they need to. Our on demand mobile charging network, Currently, can also integrate with your mobile app platform.

Our support of roaming and application programming interface (API) integration allows you to add EV charging functionality, deepening relationships with your customers and providing ongoing customer engagement throughout the vehicle life cycle.

Currently technician charging a red Tesla Model Y roadside

Remove all confusion and questions out of the EV charging experience

Our mobile charging network allows drivers to quickly charge their electric vehicles on-the-go and eliminate range anxiety.

Stand out among competitors by offering your customers comprehensive solutions that include EV charging as a service as well as configuring customer group programs to offer incentives and discounts for EV charging.

Polestar's exhibit tent at SparkDay

Trusted by the best automotive companies in the world

SparkCharge is the industry leader in charging with global experience working with leading auto OEMs. We offer comprehensive operations and maintenance services and guaranteed 24/7 driver support.Auto/OEMs choose to partner with us because we are a trusted brand with strong financial backing—we’re growing and want to take you with us! We have the capacity to scale network growth to meet increasing EV charging demand.SparkCharge is committed to continued investment in innovative solutions that have been put through the paces in our R&D facilities—we won’t sell you something we can’t put our name on. We can deliver a wide selection of hardware that has been tested and proven, designed from the start to dynamically fit your needs based on your specific use cases.Not only can we keep your customers moving, but we can protect your business with robust data privacy policies, advance payment security, and anti-fraud systems intended to bolster your confidence in us.

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