Set your Automotive OEM apart by using SparkCharge's mobile EV charging services
Set your Automotive OEM apart by using SparkCharge's mobile EV charging services

Set Your Automotive OEM Apart

Drive customer satisfaction and loyalty by providing on-site EV charging, ensuring EV buyers leave your lot ready to hit the road.

Roadie Portable delivering EV charging to a Rivian R1T


SparkCharge helps the automotive industry streamline their electric vehicle (EV) production with infrastructure-free EV charging solutions.

From portable EV chargers for EV battery testing to providing Charging-as-a-Service (CaaS) to yours and your customers' fleets, SparkCharge has what you need to expand your OEM business.

Time is of the essence in the competitive landscape of automotive technology. With the Roadie Portable, you can ensure that every testing cycle is maximized for efficiency. Maintain specific states of charge (SOC) during transportation, so your vehicles arrive ready to perform.


SparkCharge's mobile EV charging services ensure your electric vehicles stay charged for delivery, satisfying your OEM's customers

Satisfy your customers

Get the charge delivered to your centers. We work with you to offer a turnkey solution that you to keep up with the growing EV demand.

SparkCharge's mobile EV chargers provide fast and reliable EV charging when and where you need it.

Charge quickly and conveniently

Our Level 3 DC fast chargers make selling EVs easier, enabling your customers to charge wherever and whenever they need to.

Because SparkCharge Mobile EV chargers are grid-free, OEMs can use the Roadie Portable inside at their labs for research and development on their vehicles EV charging capabilities.

Use for research and development

Because our EV chargers are grid-free, they can be used anywhere including inside a lab or garage for convenient and easy testing.

SparkCharge's Roadie Portable EV charging using a CCS port to deliver range.
SparkCharge's Roadie Portable EV charging using a CCS port to deliver range.

Get ahead of the competition.

Learn more about the Roadie Portable

The Roadie Portable was created to redefine the way businesses think about EV charging. Our portable EV chargers empower Automotive OEMs to optimize their EV manufacturing process by eliminating the constraints of fixed charging infrastructure.

Roadie Portable EV charging research and development at Polestar

Infrastructure-Free Charging for EV Battery Testing

Demonstrate mobile EV charging at your dealerships by having mobile EV charger. SparkCharge works with you to offer turnkey EV charging solutions that allow your business and customers keep up with the growing EV demand.

The Roadie Portable is a mobile DC fast EV charger that overcomes the hurdles of fixed charging infrastructure. It's grid-free, modular, and flexible design allow you to charge electric vehicles anytime and anywhere.

Break down the barriers to innovation by having the power to test your EV batteries in diverse environments. The Roadie Portable enables you to explore new possibilities, iterate rapidly, and refine your electric vehicle battery technology with convenience and agility.

Automotive OEM FAQs

How does the Roadie Portable benefit our automotive OEM operations?

The Roadie Portable empowers automotive OEMs by offering flexibility in EV charging and EV battery research and development. Because the Roadie Portable is not tied to the grid, you can conduct tests and experiments in various locations, whether on the road, at remote testing sites, or even within your own lab. Additionally, The Roadie Portable ensures that your electric vehicles can maintain specific states of charge (SOC) during shipping, eliminating delays caused by depleted batteries.

What types of electric vehicles is The Roadie Portable compatible with?

The Roadie Portable works with all makes and models of EVs. It is customizable for battery to charger packages, cord lengths, and charge ports including (CHAdeMO, CCS, and Tesla).

Roadie Portable CCS EV charging head
Roadie Portable CCS EV charging head

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