OEMs & Dealerships

The Roadie for OEMs

Keeping your inventory moving 

The customer experience is all about the details. Are you creating an experience devoid of “range anxiety” for your brand? Delight your customers by giving them something they did not expect-easy access to charging. The Roadie helps you not only remove the worry from the EV buying experience and gives your customers confidence that you will be there when they need you.

While the move to electric vehicles is growing rapidly, there are still skeptics. Having an out-of-charge vehicle on your lot whether at the factory, staging, the dealer lot, or anywhere fuels their skepticism which can damage your brand. The Roadie can charge anywhere, and when your customers see that you have the charging challenge well under control, they see that EV ownership is much easier than they thought.

Roadie vs Charging Stations

Let's Talk Numbers

Level 3
Charging Stations

Average Installation Costs


DC fast charging gets costly when you factor in installation, permits, digging, and grid connections.

Average Installation Time 

3-9 months

Installation can take months to years depending on grid access, digging needed, and permitting systems in your area, even longer if environmental studies are required.

Average Space Lost 

2 spots per 20 EVs

Installations bring lots of immobile equipment taking up space and reducing flexibility on your lots.

The Roadie

Installation Costs


It's 100% mobile and can be used right out of the box. Plus, the Roadie is easily recharged using a standard 110v outlet.

Installation Time

0 hours

Being mobile means no installation is required. You don't need a special electrical setup or grid access. 

Average Space Lost 

0 spots

Because the Roadie requires no installation, you can charge your fleet without sacrificing space or flexibility in your lots. 

End of Line Charging

The Roadie requires no installation and can quickly add enough range to your vehicles to keep your line moving, eliminating costly backups and bottlenecks.

On/Off Transportation

EVs continuously use charge even when they are not operating. That means they can easily run out of charge while they are being transported. Mobile charging is the quickest and easiest solution to get them up and running.

Turn Inventory into Income

Keeping your EV inventory charged is crucial to making the right impression on potential buyers. People are very concerned about charging and when they want a test drive. If your inventory has no range you are not instilling confidence in the possible purchase.