Charge Your Events 

Special Events Deserve Special Charging Options

The Roadie makes charging anywhere possible. Racing up a mountain? The Roadie will be there to charge you at the top. Setting up an EV drive experience? The Roadie is there to keep the event charging forward.

Power your events on your terms. You don't have to build your event around installed charging stations and you definitely don't want the noise, fumes, and negative image of generators. Choosing the Roadie means choosing green energy, flexibility, and the image your event needs.


Event Flexibility

The Roadie can charge anywhere, indoors and out. That means you can charge no matter where your event is located. Whether it's indoor test tracks or full-sized racetracks, the Roadie can be there to charge. 


The Roadie charges vehicles at the rate of up to 1 mile per 60 seconds. This gives you the power you need to recharge quickly and keep your event running smoothly.


The Roadie is 100% gas-free. No exhaust, no heavy lifting, and no noisy engine sounds-just green-powered DC fast charging.