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It’s no secret that electric vehicles (EVs) are on the rise. In 2022, the sales of electric cars rose by 75% and show no signs of slowing. When EV owners are in need of roadside assistance, they want to use a company that can cater to the specific needs of electric vehicles. Recent innovations, like SparkCharge’s Roadie Portable, give towing companies more options when it comes to electric vehicles.
More than 65% of EV breakdowns are caused by the vehicle running out of charge. Whether the EV owner is on the side of the road or in a parking spot, there are very limited solutions. Right now, most roadside companies would have to have it towed, but towing an EV comes with a variety of problems. 
Traditional towing methods are very risky for electric vehicles and can cause serious damage to the car. Using a hook and chain, dolly, or wheel lift tow truck leaves two of the EV’s wheels spinning. When an EV’s wheels spin, they generate power to the battery. If that power is not being used it can damage the battery and motor. In order to safely tow an electric vehicle, you must use a flatbed tow truck. This typically leads to longer wait times for customers which can add to anxiety and stress they may already be experiencing. 
If you do not have a flatbed tow truck in your fleet, you will be unable to service electric vehicles. Adding a flatbed tow truck to your roadside service fleet can cost up to $130,000. Companies like SparkCharge are creating quick, easy, and cost effective solutions for servicing out of charge EVs so roadside and towing companies don’t get left behind in the EV revolution. 
The Roadie, by SparkCharge, is the world’s first mobile EV charger. The batteries are small enough to fit in any sized vehicle, so roadside companies will no longer have to send a tow truck. The Roadie is also designed to be modular so you can tailor the amount of charge delivered to the electric vehicle. 
SparkCharge offers unique packages for roadside assistance companies so they can add electric vehicle services to their list of offerings. The “Electric Jerry Can” package is 2 Roadie batteries and 1 charger. This package delivers about 30 miles to the EV so the driver can get home or to the nearest charging station without having to tow their vehicle. 
The Roadie Portable allows roadside and towing companies to keep up with growing EV demands while maximizing time and costs. Electric vehicle owners will feel comfortable choosing a provider that knows how to properly care for their vehicle.