When it comes to purchasing electric vehicles (EVs) for your business, one of the most important factors to consider is how you will charge your fleet. Portable EV chargers are a great solution for businesses because it allows you to charge your EV wherever you need it. However, with limited options on the market, it can be difficult to know what to look for and what is best for your businesses when choosing a mobile EV charging solution. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the key features to consider when selecting a portable EV car charger for your business. 

Try The Roadie: The Best Portable EV Charging Station

Charging Speed

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a portable EV car charger is the charging speed. The charging speed will determine how quickly your EV’s battery can be recharged.

There are 3 main charging levels available, Level 1, Level 2, & Level 3 (DC Fast Charging). Level 1 is plugged directly into a standard wall outlet and is what typically comes with the purchase of an electric car. With this charger, it takes about 40-50 hours to fully charge a vehicle, so it is not a good solution for business operations. 

Level 2 chargers are most commonly used for public charging stations. It is much faster than Level 1, but it still can take up to 10 hours to fully charge a vehicle. Level 2 chargers also often require grid updates as they are not able to be plugged into a standard outlet. 

Level 3 (DC fast charging) is the fastest level of EV charger available and the most difficult and costly to get. This charger is able to charge an electric vehicle up to 80% in under an hour. 


You’ll want to make sure that whichever portable EV car charger you choose for your commercial vehicles is compatible with the EVs you have. You’ll need to know if the electric cars can accept Level 3 charging and which type of charging port they have; CHAdeMO or CCS. Some vehicles like Tesla have different charging ports all together, so you’ll need to know if you need adaptors.


No one wants to charge their electric vehicles with a gas generator. To comply with green initiatives world wide, companies have been adding more and more electric vehicles to their fleets. Look for an EV charger that doesn’t use gas or diesel in order to deliver power to electric vehicles. 

Safety Features

Safety is one of the most important concerns when using a portable charger to charge electric vehicles. Portable EV chargers that come equipped with safety features such as an emergency stop will ensure that you and your EV’s battery are protected from damage while charging.

User Friendly

EV charging equipment can be tricky and difficult to use. Choosing a charger that has a user friendly interface can greatly improve the portable charging experience. Having a charger that also has indicator lights is helpful. Knowing when the charger is connected and correctly charging is important when out in the field. 

SparkCharge created their portable Level 3 charger, the Roadie, with all of these factors in mind. The Roadie was designed to be small enough to fit in any sized vehicle, light enough to be taken anywhere, and modular to deliver exactly what the electric vehicle needs. 

The Roadie has a very simple design in order to make it easy to use, compatible, and safe. It has a one button start/stop with lights indicating when it is ready to charge and delivering the charge. To safely stop the charge in case of an emergency, the Roadie features an emergency stop button on the top of the charger for easy access. The Roadie is able to service nearly all electric vehicles that are able to accept Level 3 fast charging (including CCS and CHAdeMO). 

SparkCharge is dedicated to sustainability and finding green solutions. The Roadie is gas and diesel free so you can make the green choice when charging your EVs. The chargers are also grid-free meaning they are not attached to traditional infrastructure when charging. 

When choosing a portable EV car charger, it is important to consider all of these factors and features. By taking the time to research and compare options, you’ll be able to find a portable EV car charger that meets your specific needs and makes owning and operating electric vehicles in your business more convenient and enjoyable. Companies like SparkCharge are continuing to find and create innovative mobile EV charging solutions to make electric vehicle ownership easy, convenient, and simple for consumers and businesses.


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