The Biden-Harris Administration recently announced new funding guidelines for building an EV charging network, which includes a predictable and reliable charging experience, a 97% uptime reliability requirement, easy access to chargers and a single method of identification that works across all chargers and support to drivers' needs well into the future. SparkCharge, the first and only company to create grid-free and mobile EV charging systems, already meets the requirements and can help provide charging access with more flexibility than traditional fixed charging infrastructure.

"We've been manufacturing portable DC fast charging solutions in the U.S. since we started the company," said Josh Aviv, founder and CEO at SparkCharge. "In addition, we've designed our mobile EV charging solutions to efficiently scale EV infrastructure and maximize coverage areas with the most efficient capital investment. Our systems and approach to EV charging eliminate the need to install expensive infrastructure before knowing the exact utilization and charging needs in specific locations."

SparkCharge is focused on making EV ownership more accessible and providing solutions for fleets, retailers and businesses that want to make fast charging available for their customers and the public. The company offers SparkCharge Mobile, its' mobile Charging as a Service (CaaS) solution, which is available for fleets and consumers, providing easy access to charging with one click.

Aligning with the newest federal standards, SparkCharge offers:

  • No App Required: SparkCharge's mobile EV charging systems actively support API connections to enable seamless charging solutions without the need to download a specific mobile app. We also integrate directly with vehicles to create the only seamless automated charging solution for consumers and fleets. In addition, our grid-free solutions are enabled with QR codes and use Apple Pay, Google Pay or a credit card.
  • Reliable and predictable charging experience: The charging solutions are battery-operated, so they're always available to charge, regardless of power outages or if the grid goes down.  
  • Exceeding uptime reliability: The mobile charging service guarantees industry-leading 99.9% uptime through its fleet of field service technicians constantly monitoring the state-of-charge and swapping out portable chargers with fully-charged batteries before they are ever depleted.
  • OCPP and OCPI: The federal government has mandated that any funds being used for NEVI chargers must follow the industry standard set of protocols, Open Charge Point Protocol and Open ChargePoint Interface. Every SparkCharge grid-less charger is DC Fast and is compliant from day one.
  • Charging accessibility and service with one click: The DoorDash of EV charging at your fingertips, the SparkCharge Mobile app allows users to charge whenever and wherever they are for fast, convenient and reliable charging in one app.

"Up to 30% of stationary chargers can be unreliable," said Aviv. "SparkCharge Mobile takes the guesswork out of whether or not the user will be able to charge their vehicle – instead, they can have the ultrafast charge brought directly to them. What's more convenient than that?"

SparkCharge's mobile CaaS for fleets is currently available in Los Angeles, Calif.; San Francisco, Oakland, Calif; Calif.; San Jose, Calif.; Dallas, Texas; Austin, Texas; Boston, Mass. It will launch in additional cities in 2023.  

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