SparkCharge has collaborated with Booster, the leading mobile fuel delivery platform, to electrify a fleet of cars in the San Francisco metro area.

Electric vehicles (EVs) have continued to rise in popularity as businesses and consumers shift towards more sustainable transportation solutions. As the demand for electric vehicles rises, so does the demand for electric vehicle charging infrastructure. The rising demand for fixed charging stations has resulted in long lead times for businesses looking to add EV charging stations. Which is why SparkCharge and Booster have teamed up to electrify without the hurdles of fixed EV charging stations. 

SparkCharge created the first mobile DC fast charger for electric vehicles, the Roadie. Utilizing Roadie technology, SparkCharge is able to deliver electric vehicle fast charging directly to the EV wherever it is parked. SparkCharge’s portable EV chargers and charging-as-a-service programs enable businesses to quickly and seamlessly adopt electric vehicles into their fleets. 


SparkCharge Charging-as-a-Service Fleet Program


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Nu Car Rentals SFO, a leading car rental company, has been actively incorporating electric vehicles into their fleet to provide environmentally friendly transportation options to their customers. However, due to limited charging infrastructure in the San Francisco metro area, they have encountered obstacles in efficiently managing their charging.

Booster and SparkCharge have successfully overcome these challenges and provided a seamless charging solution to Nu Car Rentals SFO. SparkCharge's Roadie combined with Booster's innovative on-demand fuel delivery service, ensures that their cars are always ready for the road.

The collaboration between Booster and SparkCharge offers numerous benefits to customers. Firstly, it eliminates the need for customers to rely solely on fixed charging stations, which are often limited in availability and can result in downtime for their fleet. The mobile charging solution provided by SparkCharge allows cars to be charged conveniently and efficiently at any location, anytime.

“EV renters often need to rely on public chargers, which can be sparse and unreliable, not to mention confusing for users who may be unfamiliar with the technology,” said Josh Aviv, founder and CEO of SparkCharge. “This partnership with Booster helps increase awareness that other charging solutions are not only available but also more convenient and accessible than traditional infrastructure.”

Booster's expertise in on-demand fuel delivery ensures that customers can optimize their operations, minimizing downtime and maximizing vehicle availability. With Booster's reliable and flexible fueling service, customers can keep their fleet running smoothly without the worry of running out of charge.

"We are thrilled to partner with SparkCharge to address the challenges faced by our valued customers," said Frank Mycroft, CEO of Booster. "By combining our cutting-edge technologies, we can provide an integrated solution that not only supports the adoption of electric vehicles but also enhances the operational efficiency of fleet operators."

The successful partnership between these two companies showcases their commitment to providing innovative solutions that overcome the limitations of the current charging infrastructure. Both companies are optimistic about the impact their collaboration will have on accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles and supporting the transition to a greener future.


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