"SparkCharge, the world’s first mobile EV charging company, welcomed President Biden at the Chips and Science Act signing Ceremony yesterday.

The Chips and Science Act, signed into law yesterday, invests in US chip-making ability to strengthen supply chains and boost the clean energy industry. With this in mind, almost every piece of tech, from smartphones to electric vehicles, is powered by semiconductors.

However, the US currently relies on East Asia for 75% of global semiconductor production. Therefore, supply chains are vulnerable to disruptions, such as from a pandemic or geopolitical tension.

With the CHIPS act investments, the US looks to become a chip-making powerhouse once again. For the US to hit its ambitious goals of a carbon-free power sector by 2035, semiconductors will play a significant role.

These critical computer chips power clean energy sources, such as solar panels and wind turbines. The electrical system in EV vehicles also uses a significant amount of semiconductors.

The company’s CEO Josh Aviv spoke in support of the new bill, which will fund $52 billion for US semiconductor manufacturing." 



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